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Hi, my name is teacher Melona. I am a university graduate taking up BSC major in Management. In leisure time i like to watch movies, reading books, playing guitar, i like to sing and love to travel around the world if given opportunities. i been into many places like in Asia countries as well as in some part of Europe. I like to see, meet different people with different faces, races and cultures it made me think that we are all humans in different part of the world, only we differ on how we are being breed and have different life styles and fashion.

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    Quốc giaphilippinesCộng hoà Philippines
    Giới tínhNữ
    SchoolHoly Cross of Davao College
    Sở thíchWatching movies, reading books, playing guitar and loved to travel
    Những bộ phim yêu thíchKung Fu Panda / Action Movies