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I got a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. I have been tutoring the English language for the past years and have tons of experience in the field. My hobbies include traveling, playing video games, and watching TV series. Also, I have done several internships with international companies and ready to teach you the modern casual or academic style of the language. I am a kind person and a good listener. Come to my class if you want to learn the English language in a calm and cozy environment! I am here to make sure that you get the necessary knowledge in the shortest period of time! No matter what is your primary goal, you will surely achieve it with my help!

star 4.85
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Quốc gia
Cộng hoà Kazakhstan
Cộng hoà Kazakhstan
Giới tínhNam
SchoolUniversity of Central Asia
Sở thíchLearning new languages, discovering new cultures, watching tv-series.
Những bộ phim yêu thíchMarvel movies