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Hello! I am Clenton. I majored in Geology at Buea University. I have been teaching for several years. I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge with others. Based on my experience, I learned how to handle students at various English levels. My lessons will proceed in a fun and easy way. Students don't have to be shy when expressing themselves even if they make a mistake, since I believe we all learn from our mistakes. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, singing, traveling, reading books, watching movies and cooking. I am a good listener, very persistent, kind, hardworking and friendly. I think that if following the correct procedure, everyone has the power to learn. Let's explore the English world while having fun together in my lesson.

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    Quốc giacameroonCộng hoà Cameroon
    Giới tínhNam
    SchoolUniversity of Buea, Cameroon
    Sở thíchSinging, Watching movies
    Những bộ phim yêu thíchAcrimony