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Hi, my name is Darian and I have graduated from high school and from a primary music school. Some of my hobbies are swimming, watching movies, and reading crime novels. I chose to become an English tutor because I am really passionate about teaching and the English language itself. I taught my friends and family members and I believe teaching English should be fun. I think that the best and the most important thing about teaching is understanding the knowledge your students possess so that you know how to approach them, and this is something I'm really good at.

star 4.82
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Quốc gia
Cộng hoà Croatia
Cộng hoà Croatia
Giới tínhNam
SchoolCatholic School Centre 'St. Francis', Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sở thíchSwimming, reading books, movies
Những bộ phim yêu thíchThe Lord of the Rings